The Rules

Article 1

The event called “Sharm El Sheikh International Half Marathon” will take place on November 8 2019 Start. 08.30 am (Gate of Allah - Ras Mohamed National Park)

Article 2

The race is open to all athletes provided that they are 18 years old at the date of November 8 2019 Entry fees are considered as non-transferable and imply the full acceptance of the rules. No registration transfers will be allowed whatever the reason is. Entry fee is not refundable.
Lists will close on november 2nd, 2019

Entry fees
Egyptian nationality

- Before may311st € 20,00
- June 1 st – july31 €30,00
- August 1 st – November 2nd €45,00

Foreign Athletes - Before May 31st € 40,00
- June 1 st – july31 € 60,00
- August 1 st – November 2nd € 90,00

Transportation from Hadaba in front building of outh Sinai Protectorate to Ras Mohamed National Park and back is included

Article 3 Race package

Each Participant will receive a Rucksack, head band , and a t- shirt especially produced for the event.

Article 4

It is especially pointed out that the athlete competes in the race under his/her own responsibility and declares to be in good physical conditions to take part in the event. Any athlete who gives his/her bib to a third party will be responsible in case of an accident arising or provoked to and by this third party during the competition. The organisation is exempt from all responsibility in case of an accident in this type of situation. The race Organizers do not have any responsibility in case of falls, incidents with any other competitor/spectator, illnesses resulting from weather conditions and track conditions.

Article 5

Bibs can be collected personally on November6 and November 7 from 05 pm to 7.30 p.m. at the Sharm El sheikh International Half Marathon Help desk c/o South Sinai Protectorate located in Bank Street – Hadaba (Ras Om Sid). Bibs can not be collected on Friday November 8, 2019 Bibs will be delivered upon presentation of confirmation of each registration and an identity card/passport. Bibs must be fully legible during the whole race.

Article 6

Athletes will be permitted up to 3 hours to complete the Half Marathon. Athletes who do not finish the race within the time limit set will be accompanied to the finish line with the car of the organization.

Article 7

General services
Track safety is under control of the Organization. Our team on board of quad bikes will assist the athletes.A jeep will be at the back of the group following the last Participant. Medical assistanceare provided by South Sinai hospital . For medical reasons Doctors can stop any competitor from continuing the race. Water stations will be located every 3 km of the race course and at the starting/finish area. At km 6, km 12 and km 18 mineral salts will be available At he finish area The refreshment includes water, minerals, biscuits, fresh fruit and juices. WC are available at the start /finish area. Climate conditions In November the temperature is about 28°C. No humidity.

Article 8

Timing is carried out using the microchip Timing Data System which permits recording of the actual time taken. “Real time” begins at the moment the athlete passes the start line and finishes on the finish line. Competitors failing to follow the course will be disqualified. Chips must be returned to the Organization after the race. Should athletes have not been able to participate, or have been unable to complete the race, they should return the chip to the Organization. Each non-returned chip will be charged € 18 and the competitor will be disqualified.

Article 9

On the podium the first 3 men and the first 3 women will receive awards. All athletes finishing the races will receive the official Sharm El Sheikh international half marathon medal and the diploma of participation All classified athletes can download the diploma of participation from the website. www.sharmel

Article 10

The participants by signing the registration form authorize the Organization the free use of their name, of their images, of their voice and their sporting performance< taken during their participation in the Event. This authorization for the use of photographic materials is not bound by any time or geographic limits worldwide, and images can be used in promotional material and\or publicity. The Organization can furthermore cede to third parties who may be institutional or commercial partners, the right of use of image.

Article 11

The Organization reserves the right to modify the present rules at any moment in order to guarantee abetter organization of the race. Any possible modifications regarding services, places and times will be properly communicated to enrolled athletes by email and published on the web site and facebook

Article 12

By signing the registration form, the athlete agrees to the terms and conditions of the event.