The Race / The Route


The route

The entire route of the race winds in Ras Mohamed National Park (UNESCO Heritage) natural reserve of sea and land.
The sea and the desert divide the space creating an infinite number of small bays, inlets, lagoons and the colour of the sea shows off all its various shades, from the turquoise colour to the cobalt blue.

Description of the track

Start/Finish area: Gate of Allah, symbol of Ras Mohamed National Park. 
The first 4 km are on an asphalted road and then on trodden trails up to km 10.  
After few meters on a sandy track the race continues on trodden trails. 
At km 14  athletes will run in the middle of an amazing small canyon.
At km 18  for about 2 kms the track is a little bit sandy, …. but now we are running towards the finish line of the race.
The race is absolutely not to be considered as a  hard race and therefore a special preparation is not required.